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About Legacy:

“The Legacy” is an annual campaign to secure the financial needs for the operation and beautification of Margaret Meacham Hall. Members and Departments of The Junior Woman's Club and The Woman's Club may become members of The Legacy with an annual donation.  Projects in the last few years paid for repainting the informal room, installing new floors, new chandeliers, new materials in the planter boxes, rewiring and hanging two antique chandeliers and the installation of two historically appropriate doors in the downstairs rear entry of the building.  Other projects on the drawing board include the purchase of a projector and screen for presentations, refinishing the hardwood floors on the building's main floor, and painting the main floor.

If you have questions about The Legacy, please contact one of our Legacy chairs:  
Stacy Hannah @
Britta Hinze @

 If you would like to join The Legacy, please click on the link below, choose the level you'd like to be involved and join.  It takes just a moment to help maintain Margaret Meacham Hall.  You will be invited to The Legacy Reception in April as a member of The Legacy.

Levels are:

$25     Patron

$50    Sustainer*

$100    Benefactor*

$500    Life Member*

* Departments may also participate as a Sustainer, Benefactor, and Life Member levels! 


 Donate to the Legacy Fund!


Join today and help us update Margaret Meacham Hall!


!!Legacy Charms!!


We are pleased to offer Legacy charms available for $50.
They will be free to those donating $90 or more to The Legacy Foundation!


The charms are 5/8" and available in gold and silver (pictured below).
For those donating $90 or more, please specify your preference for gold or silver when you make your donation.  For those wishing to purchase the charm, it will be available soon in the JWC Store.
Gold Silver