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The Junior Woman's Club of Fort Worth is made up of 13 unique groups called departments. Each department has a different focus and a variety of meeting times. The majority of departments meet at night while a couple meet during the day. Some departments are large, while others are more intimate. If you are considering joining the Junior Woman's Club, please view the descriptions of each and visit their webpage for additional information. Most meetings are open to visitors, we only ask that you contact someone in the department you would like to visit. An email address for more information is included on the department's site or page.


Day of the Week


Meeting Time


Benessere, in Italian, means "Wellness" which is the focus of this department; dedication to the overall personal, physical, financial and environment wellness of the ladies who are members.  Programs will cover topics related to fitness, healthy eating, going green and money management, to name a few. 

1st Thursday

6:30 PM

7:00 PM


Cadence is focused on physical fitness. Whether it's running, cycling, rock climbing or yoga, this group likes to be on the move.  All fitness levels are welcome to join us with a friendly and try hard attitude. 

2nd Wednesday

6:15 PM

6:45 PM


Cinéma is JWC's newest department.  The purpose of Cinéma is for members to gather, watch, and discuss movies from a variety of genres to expand our appreciation of film. 

*Cinéma is a secondary department.  You must be an active member of another department of the Junior Woman's Club (except Junior Newby) in order to join this department.

 1st Friday

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts is a department whose members love to enjoy food, wine, family and friends. Join us for a year full of unique ideas in entertaining, adventures in fine dining and delicious and creative recipes.  Our programs can feature etiquette classes, elegant table settings, wine tastings and cooking demonstrations. We will also share favorite family recipes for the holidays. You need not be a master chef to join; you just need to enjoy food! 

2nd Thursday

6:30 PM

7:00 PM


Dimensions programs are designed for our members to experience every "dimension” of life.  They cover topics and events from fashion to decorating, cooking to entertainment, opera to wine tasting and everything in between. 

1st & 3rd Wednesday

7:15 PM


The purpose of Epicure is to connect with friends over dinner at various new dining venues around town. Epicure will enhance the knowledge of its members by expanding their pallets as well as their love for Fort Worth’s expanding food scene.

*Epicure is a secondary department.  You must be an active member of another department of the Junior Woman's Club (except Junior Newby) in order to join this department.

1st Tuesday

7:00 PM


The purpose of this department shall be for the enrichment of the Junior Woman’s Club member with emphasis on the further development of their personal and professional being.  Eligibility for membership in this department must be at least 30 years old by June 1st or in the club more than 4 years. 

4th Thursday

6:30 PM

7:00 PM

Junior Newby

Junior Newby group was formed to serve JWC’s valuable members who, for whatever reason, cannot fulfill a traditional department’s meeting requirements. There are not any meetings, though you are invited to join The Woman’s Club Etta Newby or Night Newby department meetings. Junior Newbys do not have any officers or dues and the only communication you receive from JWC are the club-wide emails on upcoming events.  

Please see below

Madri Bambini

"Mothers Babies" is what Madri Bambini means in Italian and that is a good description of this group. It is a department for women and their babies, toddlers or preschoolers who want to spend special time together.  It is not a daycare, or a mothers-day-out group; their programs are centered on mothers spending time with their children. 

2nd Friday

11:30 AM


Come celebrate with friends in Nouveau! We have a calendar sprinkled with festive and interesting gatherings. Nouveau’s programs feature everything new in fashion, cooking, decorating, art, spa nights and music. You won’t want to miss a single topic or activity once you experience what we’re all about! 

2nd & 4th Tuesday

6:15 PM

6:45 PM


The name OMNIANA, comes from the Latin word meaning "a study of many purposes, varieties and forms.” Therefore, Omniana presents a variety of programs that span a multitude of interests. Our topics range from home decorating to personal pampering, and from wine tasting to fashion shows. Informative speakers in our community present each program. 

2nd & 4th Tuesday

6:15 PM

6:45 PM


Rhetoric's stated purpose is to enhance life-long friendship through all avenues of Liberal Arts and to create an appreciation of books, authors and a balance between literary and entertaining programs. 

1st & 3rd Tuesday

6:30 PM

7:00 PM


Speech-Drama welcomes those who have an interest in entertainment and performance arts. No special talent is required, just an appreciation for the cinema, theatre and stage. We have entertaining programs showcasing: the latest Broadway hits, the best movie reviews, the newest dance companies, the latest fashion, the perfect wine after the show, or the best hors d’ oeuvres to serve prior to a evening out. Our socials and special projects include attending a Broadway show, a slumber party, a couples’ night out, an Oscar party and a formal Christmas party. Come join our vibrant, enthusiastic department.

2nd & 4th Wednesday

6:30 PM

7:00 PM


The purpose of Virtuoso is to celebrate, learn and practice the art of dance. 

3rd Wednesday

6:15 PM

6:45 PM